About the Collections


The avian images at RedStart exist inside collections. Each collection is comprised of 52 images. At the moment there are 9 Collections. You can access the Collections by clicking on the Collections link on the Kingbird page. Older and retired images can be accessed via the Archives link, also found on the Great Egret page.

Since the mission of RedStart is to provide creative photographic images of avian life (as opposed to strictly diagnostic ones), I have resisted imposing a taxonomic order to the compositions of the Collections. I apologize to ornithologists who might find this frustrating to some extent.

Each Collection is a Flash file containing 660x660 ppi images. They are best viewed, as mentioned on a previous page, via a broadband connection. In order to view the entire screen (image and thumbnails), a screen monitor displaying a minimum of 1600x1000 pixels is recommended. Click here to view a screen shot of a Collections window. If your screen is smaller, the window may be resized accordingly but you may lose the use or view of the thumbnails.

All Collection windows at any size will have a control panel to ease navigation. It will look like this:

Rough-legged hawk

The X button toggles the control panel on/off

The ? button toggles the image information panel on/off

The grid button toggles the thumbnails on/off

The left arrow button displays the previous image

The triangle button plays all the images as a movie

The square button stops the movie

The right arrow button displays the next image

Similarly, the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard will display and progress images.


Information displayed in the Collection files via the ? button (or by hovering the cursor over the bottom of the image) include species and location.


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